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Our headquarter:

Jacobs Polska Sp. z o.o.
Niepodległości 58
02-626 Warszawa
tel: (+48 22) 564 06 00
fax: (+48 22) 564 06 01
e-mail: warsaw@jacobs.com


ul. Kraszewskiego 36
30-110 Kraków
tel: (+48 12) 629 09 00
fax: (+48 12) 629 09 03
e-mail: krakow@jacobs.com


ul. Sokolnicza 5/37

53-676 Wrocław
tel: (+48 71) 78 89 218
fax: (+48 71) 78 89 217

Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. with an annual turnover in excess of USD 8 billion, employs more than 47000 people. Company offers a full spectrum of designing and consulting services for both private and public clients and has expertise in building engineering, transportation and environmental protection.
With experience in more than 160 countries and international representation Jacobs offers local knowledge supported by resources of international organisation.

Jacobs Polska Sp. z o.o. is an engineering consultancy with an annual turnover exceeding 35m Polish zloty. It was initially present in Poland as partner of Sir Alexander GIBB & Partners Ltd. The company was registered in 1993 as Sir Alexander GIBB (Polska), later changed into Jacobs Polska Sp. z o.o. Since 2002 the company has been part of international Jacobs Engineering group Inc.
The most valuable asset of the company is its personnel. Jacobs Polska employs over 200 people including 130 specialists and experts. It is experienced in cooperation with local and national governmental agencies as well as representatives of private sector. Jacobs Polska provides services in following areas:

Transportation (roads, motorways, railways)

·  Feasibility Studies and applications to EU funds

·  Conceptual designs

·  Technical documentation

·  Supervision

Environmental Protection

·  Environmental Impact Assessment

·  Feasibility Studies and applications to EU funds

·  Due Diligence

·  Compliance Audits

·  Landscape architecture

·  Tender dossiers for work contracts

·  Management and supervision


·  Designing

·  Decisions and permits

·  Tender dossiers for work contracts

·  Management and supervision



For more information visit: www.jacobs.com